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PPP Coffee India Nurita Estate

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Country/Region: India/Coorg, Karnataka

Varietal: S795, Cauvery, Chandrigiri

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1100 m.a.s.l.

We Taste: Apricot, Pecan, Milk Chocolate

Located in Coorg, Karnataka, Nurita Estate is a traditional coffee plantation that has been passed down through two generations of the family. Acquired in 1962 from an old British company, the estate has preserved the best of the original practices while making upgrades such as water-saving improvements to their pulper and washer.

The coffee is cultivated under the shade of wild fig, silver oak, jackfruit, and orange trees, which not only protect the plants from the elements but also provide essential nutrients to promote their growth. The estate is home to various wildlife, including wild boar and bison, and boasts abundant earthworms in the soil, indicating its vibrant ecosystem.

To ensure a sustainable growing cycle, Nurita Estate has its own nursery, where older Arabica plants including S795, Cauvery, and Chandrigiri, are replaced with new plants. Owing to the lively ecosystem and careful cultivation, most of the Arabica trees produce healthy yields for up to 30 years before they need to be replaced.

The estate blessed with a water stream for irrigation and washing, and all the coffee, whether washed or naturally processed, is dried on traditional clay courtyards, locally known as barbeque tiles. This clay material offers better temperature control, allowing for optimal drying time. After drying, the coffee is transported to a dry mill for sorting and cleaning before being exported.

Coorg is a region in Southern India with a rich history of coffee cultivation spanning centuries, with Nurita Estate being the third estate that we have featured from this region. Catherine Ganapathy, whose family is from Coorg, has been our trusted partner since 2019, sharing her expertise as a coffee trader. Together, we aim to offer sustainable Indian coffee to those who value and encourage the sustainable efforts put in from beginning to end.