Q: What is the shelf life and recommended storage of your products?

Baked Goods

All baked goods bought in-store and online are freshly baked and best consumed on the same day of collection/delivery for optimal taste and flavour. If you have purchased an item from the CSHH Coffee Bar or online, please take note of the following storage instructions:


Shelf Life

Storage Instructions

Coming Soon!

Cold Brews

Please keep refrigerated at a temperature below 5°C and consume within the best before date printed on the bottles. Coagulation may occur as a result of low temperatures. Please shake well before consuming. 


Shelf Life

Black Cold Brew

Up to 20 days

White Cold Brew

Up to 10 days


Q: I would like to build a customised care pack for my corporate clients.

Please drop us an email at cshh@pppcoffee.com and our team will be in touch within 3-5 working days.