Q: What is the shelf life and recommended storage of your products?

Baked Goods

All baked goods bought in-store and online are freshly baked and best consumed on the same day of collection/delivery for optimal taste and flavour. If you have purchased an item from the CSHH Coffee Bar or online, please take note of the following storage instructions:


Shelf Life

Storage Instructions

Classic Banana Cake Loaf 3 days Please keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.

Cold Brews

Please keep refrigerated at a temperature below 5°C and consume within the best before date printed on the bottles. Coagulation may occur as a result of low temperatures. Please shake well before consuming. 


Shelf Life

Black Cold Brew

Up to 20 days

White Cold Brew

Up to 10 days

Cascara Jasmine Cold Brew

Up to 14 days

Original Chocolate Cold Brew

Up to 7 days


Q: I would like to build a customised care pack for my corporate clients.

Please drop us an email at cshh@pppcoffee.com and our team will be in touch within 3-5 working days.