Celebrating 10 Years

"The idea of Chye Seng Huat is beyond serving coffee. It's about connecting the like-minded in the arts, science, design, music, and most importantly, of course, the coffee-drinking community."

- Leon Foo, Chairman & Founder

Commemorate this milestone with us

CSHH Miniature LEGO Coffee Shop

What does CSHH mean to you? Was it the place where you tasted your first coffee? Or was it a place where you often gather with friends and family? If CSHH holds a special meaning to you, we invite you to bring home a piece of us. Limited to 100 sets only.

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CSHH Must Drink Coffee Enamel Mug

Pay tribute to the lane of metal and hardware companies that stood together with us with this limited edition enamel mug. Non-toxic and shatter-free, this mug will be good for years to come, perhaps you'll even be able pass it on to the future generation.

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