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PPP Coffee Supernova Drip Bags - 發財 Fa Cai, New Year Blend

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Cafe-style coffee redesigned for the everyday drinker in single-serve drip bags.

From blends to single origins, each one is roasted to perfection and crafted with excellence alongside 10 years of coffee roasting expertise - to deliver that unparalleled cafe experience in your cup. 

Current Composition: Brazil Rio Brilhante, Ethiopia Suke Quto

We Taste: Bergamot, Mandarin, Praline

Fa Cai (發財), in Chinese, means to prosper and be plentiful. Enjoy our Chinese New Year blend and don't forget to Fa Cai this Chinese New Year. 

新年快樂,恭喜發財。Huat Ah! 

Recommended Recipe: Pour 200ml of 92°C water over drip  bag.

Each box contains 9 drip bags.