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PPP Coffee Colombia Santa Barbara

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Country/Region: Colombia, Antioquia

Varietal: Variedad Colombia

Processing: Natural

Elevation: 1850 m.a.s.l.

We Taste: Strawberry, Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate

The Santa Barbara Estate is a family-owned coffee company in Latin America, dedicated to the production and export of Colombian estate coffee. The estate offers a microclimate with volcanic soils, perfect altitude, along with a picturesque view of the Andean mountains.

A few years ago, the team began experimenting with processing small lots using the natural method that they call Cold Fermentation. After being hand-harvested and sorted, these coffees were first dried on raised beds under shade, then spread thinly on screens encased in wooden boxes. They are regularly turned to ensure even drying.

Thereafter, the cherries are moved out of the shade and dried under sunlight for 3 days until the correct moisture content, before being stored in silos for another 48-72 hours to rest.

Oweing to the success of the natural experiments, Pedro has expanded their operations, moving all Natural processing to Agualinda - the highest of the 5 sister farms. Named after the many water sources and creeks that facilitate processing, the farm enjoys a great view over the Sabaletas canyon.